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Information for a proposed greenfield project is provided in the table. The discounted cash flow for the fourth year is Rs ___________________ crores (rounded off to one decimal place).

$$\begin{array}{c|c} \hline
\text{Fixed capital investment (excluding land)} & \text{Rs 250 crores} \\ \text{Salvage value} & \text{Rs 0} \\ \text{Yearly revenue from product sales} & \text{Rs 120 crores} \\ \text{Yearly manufacturing cost (excluding depreciation)} & \text{Rs 30 crores} \\ \text{Interest rate} & \text{10 % compounded annually} \\ \text{Annual taxation rate} & \text{30 %} \\ \text{Depreciation method} & \text{Double declining balance * over seven years} \\ \text{Plan start-up} & \text{2 years after project initiation} \\ \hline * d_{k} = \frac{2}{7} BV_{k-1} \:\:\:k: \text{years post start-up} & \text{d: Depreciation amount} \:\:\:\text{BV: Book value} \end{array}$$
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