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The reversible reaction of $t$-butyl alcohol $(TBA)$ and ethanol $(EtOH)$ to ethyl $t$-butyl ether $(ETBE)$ is

$$TBA+Et0H\rightleftharpoons ETBE+water$$

The equilibrium constant for this reaction is $K_{C}=1$. Initially, $74\:g$ of $TBA$ is mixed with $100\:g$ of aqueous solution containing $46$ weight$\%$ ethanol. The molecular weights are: $74\:g$/mol for $TBA$, $46\:g$/mol for $EtOH$, $102\:g$/mol for $ETBE$, and $18\:g$/mol for water.

The amss of $ETBE$ at equilibrium, rounded to $1$ decimal, place, is _______________ $g$.
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