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Consider the following two cases for a binary mixture of ideal gases $A$ and $B$ under steady state conditions. In case $1$, the diffusion pf $A$ occurs through non-diffusing $B$. In Case $2$, equimolal counter diffusion of $A$ and $B$ occurs. In both the cases, the total pressure in $100\:kPa$ and the partial pressure of $A$ at two points separated by a distance of $10\:mm$ are $10\:kPa$ and $5\:kPa$. Assume that the Fick’s first law of diffusion is applicable. What is the ratio of molar flux of $A$ in Case $1$ to that in Case $2$?

  1. $0.58$
  2. $1.08$
  3. $1.58$
  4. $2.18$
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