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The dry-bulb temperature of air in a room is $30^{\circ}C$. The Antoine equation for water
is given as $$\text{ln} P^{sat} = 12.00 -\frac{4000}{T - 40}$$ where $T$ is the temperature in $K$ and $P^{sat}$ is the saturation vapor pressure in bar. The latent heat of vaporization of water is $2000\:kJ\:kg^{-1}$, the humid heat is $1.0\:kJ\:kg^{-1}\:K^{-1}$, and the molecular weights of air and water are $28\:kg\:\text{kmol}^{-1}$ and $18\:kg\:\text{kmol}^{-1}$, respectively. If the absolute humidity of air is ${Y}'$ kg moisture per kg dry air, then for a wet-bulb depression of $9^{\circ}C$, $1000 \times {Y}’$ = ____________ (rounded off to one decimal place).
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