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Consider a steady state mass transfer process between well-mixed liquid and vapour phases of a binary mixture comprising of components $A$ and $B$. The mole fractions of component $A$ in the bulk liquid $(x_{A})$ and  bulk vapour  $(Y_{A})$  phases are $0.36$ and $0.16$, respectively. The mass transfer coefficients for component $A$ in liquid and vapour phases are $0.1$ mol/$(m^{2}.s)$ and $0.05$ mol/$(m^{2}.s)$, respectively. The vapour-liquid equilibrium can be approximated as $Y_{A} =2x_{A}$, for $x_{A}$ less than $0.4$. The mole fraction of $A$ in the lhquid at the interface (up to two decimal places) is _____________.
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