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An isothermal steady state mixed flow reactor $(CSTR)$ of $1\:m^{3}$ volume is used to carry out the first order liquid-phase reaction $A{\rightarrow}$ products. Fresh feed at a volumetric flow rate of $Q$ containing reactant $A$ at a concentration $C_{A0}$ mixea with the recycle stream at a volumetric flow rate $RQ$ as shown in the figure below.

It is observed that when the recycle ratio $R=0.5$, the exit conversion $X_{Af}=50\%$. When the recycle ratio is increased  to $R=2$, the new exit conversion (in percent) will be :

  1. $50.0$
  2. $54.3$
  3. $58.7$
  4. $63.2$ 
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