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Match the raw materials of Group-$1$ and $2$ with the final products of Group-$3$

$$\begin{array}&&\textbf{Group 1} & \textbf{Group 2} & \textbf{Group 3} \\ &\text{P$_{1}$: Ethylene} & \text{Q$_{1}$: Ammonia} &\text{R$_{1}$: Synthetic fibre}\\
&\text{P$_{2}$: Propylene} & \text{Q$_{2}$: $1$-Butene} &\text{R$_{2}$: Nylon $66$}\\
&\text{P$_{3}$: Adipic acid} & \text{Q$_{3}$: Ethylene glycol} &\text{R$_{3}$: $LLDPE$}\\
&\text{P$_{4}$: Terephthalic acid} & \text{Q$_{4}$: Hexamethylene diamine} &\text{R$_{4}$: Acrylonitrile} \end{array}$$

  1. $P_{1}+Q_{2}\rightarrow R_{3};\:P_{2}+Q_{1}\rightarrow R_{4}; \: P_{3}+Q_{4}\rightarrow R_{2};\:P_{4}+Q_{3}\rightarrow R_{1}$
  2. $P_{1}+Q_{1}\rightarrow R_{3};\:P_{2}+Q_{3}\rightarrow R_{1}; \: P_{3}+Q_{4}\rightarrow R_{4};\:P_{4}+Q_{2}\rightarrow R_{2}$
  3. $P_{1}+Q_{2}\rightarrow R_{2};\:P_{2}+Q_{3}\rightarrow R_{1}; \: P_{3}+Q_{4}\rightarrow R_{3};\:P_{4}+Q_{1}\rightarrow R_{4}$
  4. $P_{1}+Q_{1}\rightarrow R_{4};\:P_{2}+Q_{2}\rightarrow R_{3}; \: P_{3}+Q_{4}\rightarrow R_{2};\:P_{4}+Q_{3}\rightarrow R_{1}$
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