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Rice, a versatile and inexpensive source of carbohydrate, is a critical component of diet worldwide. Climate change, causing extreme weather, poses a threat to sustained availability of rice. Scientists are working on developing Green Super Rice $\text{(GSR)}$, which is resilient under extreme weather conditions yet gives higher yields sustainably.

Which one of the following is the $\text{CORRECT}$ logical inference based on the information given in the above passage?

  1. $\text{GSR}$ is an alternative to regular rice, but it grows only in an extreme weather
  2. $\text{GSR}$ may be used in future in response to adverse effects of climate change
  3. $\text{GSR}$ grows in an extreme weather, but the quantity of produce is lesser than regular ice
  4. Regular rice will continue to provide good yields even in extreme weather
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