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$P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,$ and $W$ are seated around a circular table.

  1. $S$ is seated opposite to $W$
  2. $U$ is seated at the second place to the right of $R$
  3. $T$ is seated at the third place to the left of $R$
  4. $V$ is a neighbour of $S$

Which of the following must be true?

  1. $P$ is a neighbour of $R$
  2. $Q$ is a neighbour of $R$
  3. $P$ is not seated opposite to $Q$
  4. $R$ is the left neighbour of $S$
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Here the most frequently used person is $R$ - so we should fill $R$ first. That's points $2$ and $3.$ We get

$T \_\; \_ R \_ U\_\;\_$ (Assume there is a circular connection between either ends)

After this only one opposite position will be left (positions $3$ and $7)$ -- which is needed for $(S, W)$ as per given condition $1.$ 

So, straight away $C$ is the answer.

Counter examples for options A, B, and D can be as follows:

For option  A:

For options B and D:

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