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In a process occurring in a closed system F, the heat transferred from F to the surroundings E is 600 J. If the temperature of E is 300 K and that of F is in the range 380 – 400 K, the entropy changes of the surroundings (${\Delta}S{_E}$) and systems (${\Delta}S{_F}$), in J/K, are given by

  1. ${\Delta}S{_E}$ = 2, ${\Delta}S{_F}$ = -2
  2. ${\Delta}S{_E}$ = -2, ${\Delta}S{_F}$ = 2
  3. ${\Delta}S{_E}$ = 2, ${\Delta}S{_F}$ < -2
  4. ${\Delta}S{_E}$ = 2, ${\Delta}S{_F}$ > -2
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