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Liquid water is pumped at a volumetric flow rate of $0.02 \: m^3 s^{-1}$ from Tank $I$ to Tank $II$, as shown in the figure.

Both the tanks are open to the atmosphere. The total frictional head loss for the pipe system is $1.0 \: m$ of water.

In addition, use the following data and assumptions,

  • Density of water is $1000 \: kg \: m^{-3}$
  • Acceleration due to gravity is $9.81 \: m \: s^{-2}$
  • Efficiency of the pump is $100 \%$
  • The liquid surfaces in the tanks have negligible velocities

The power supplied (in $W$) by the pump to lift the water is ________ (round off to $1$ decimal place)

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