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Consider a binary liquid mixture at constant temperature T and pressure P. If the enthalpy change of mixing, $\Delta$H = 5x${_1}$x${_2}$, where x${_1}$ and x${_2}$ are the mole fraction of species 1 and 2 respectively, and the entropy change of mixing $\Delta$S = -R[x${_1}$ Inx${_1}$ + x${_2}$ Inx${_2}$] (with R = 8.314 J/mol.K), then the minimum value of the Gibbs free energy change of mixing at 300K occur when

  1. x${_1}$ = 0
  2. x${_1}$ = 0.2
  3. x${_1}$ = 0.4
  4. x${_1}$ = 0.5
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