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A fractionator recovers $95$ mol $\%$ $n$-propane as the distillate from an equimolar mixture of $n$-propane and $n$-butane. The condensate is a saturated liquid at $55^{\circ}\:C$. The Antoine equation is of the form, In$\left ( P^{sat} \left [ in \:bar \right ]\right )=A-\frac{B}{T\left [ in \: K \right ]+C}$, and the constants are provided below:

&\text{} & \text{A} & \text{B} & \text{C}  \\ \hline &\text{n-propane} & \text{9.1058} & \text{1872.46} & \text{-25.16} \\ \hline &\text{n-butane} & \text{9.0580} & \text{2154.90} & \text{-34.42} \\ \hline

Assuming Raoult’s law, the condenser pressure (in bar) is _________________ (rounded off to one decimal place).
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