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The humidity of air at a dry-bulb temperature of $65^{\circ}\:C$ is $0.025$ $kg$ water/$kg$ dry air. The latent heat of vaporization of water at $0^{\circ}\:C$ is $2500$ $kJ/kg$. The psychrometric ratio of air is $0.95$  $kJ$ ($kg$ dry air)$^{-1}$ $K^{-1}$. Considering  $0^{\circ}\:C$ as reference temperature, the enthalpy of air (in $kJ/kg$) at its adiabatic saturation temperature of $35^{\circ}\:C$ is ____________________ (rounded off to two decimal places).
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my answer is 95.75
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another problem,psychometric ratio is dimensionless quantity.given problem may b wrong