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Two paper pulp plants $P$ and $Q$ use the same quality of bamboo as a raw material. The chemicals used in their digester are as follows:

&\textbf{} & \textbf{Plant P} & \textbf{Plant Q} \\ \hline &\text{NaOH} & \text{Yes} & \text{No}  \\ &\text{Na$_{2}$S} & \text{Yes} & \text{No} \\ &\text{Na$_{2}$CO$_{3}$} &\text{Yes} &\text{Yes}\\ &\text{NaHCO$_{3}$} &\text{No} &\text{Yes}\\ &\text{Na$_{2}$SO$_{3}$}  &\text{No}  &\text{Yes}\\ \hline \end{array}$$

Which one of the following statements is $CORRECT$ ?

  1. Plant $P$ and Plant $Q$ both use the Sulfite process
  2. Plant $P$ and Plant $Q$ both use the Kraft process
  3. Plant $P$  uses Sulfite process
  4. Plant $P$  uses Kraft process
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