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An ideal gas is adiabatically and irreversibly compressed from $3$ bar and $300\:K$ to $6$ bar in a closed system. The work required for the irreversible compression is $1.5$ times the work that is required for reversible compression from the same initial temperature and pressure to the same final pressure. The molar heat capacity of the gas at constant volume is $30\:J$ mol$^{-1}$ $K^{-1}$ (assume to be independent of temperature); universal gas constant, $R$ is $8.314\:J$ mol$^{-1}$ $K^{-1}$; ratio of molar heat capacities is $1.277$. The temperature (in $K$, rounded off to the first decimal place) of the gas at the final state in the irreversible compression case is _______________
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