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The characteristics curve (Head-Capacity relationship) of a centrifugal pimp is represented by the equation $\Delta H_{pump}=43.8-0.19Q$, where $\Delta H_{pump}$ is the head developed by the pump (in $m$) and $Q$ is the flowrate (in $m^{3}/h$) through the pump. This pump is to be used for pumping water through a horizontal pipeline. The frictional head loss $\Delta H_{piping}$ (in $m$) is related to the water flowrate $Q_{L}$  (in $m^{3}/h$) by the equation $\Delta H_{piping}=0.0135_{L}^{2}+0.045_{L}$. The flowrate (in $m^{3}/h$, rounded off to the first decimal place) of water pumped through the above pipeline, is _____________
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