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Match the output signals as obtained from four measuring devices in response to a unit step change in the input signal.

&\text{P. Gas chromatograph, with a long capillary tube} \\ 
&\text{Q. Venturi tube} \\ 
&\text{R. Thermocouple with first order dynamics} \\ 
&\text{S. Pressure transducer with secondorder dynamics}\\ 
 \\  \end{array}$

  1. $P-IV,\:Q-III,\:R-II,\:S-I$
  2. $P-III,\:Q-I,\:R-II,\:S-IV$
  3. $P-IV,\:Q-I,\:R-II,\:S-III$
  4. $P-II,\:Q-IV,\:R-III,\:S-I$
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