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Match the polymer mentioned on the left with the catalyst used for its manufacture given on the right.

&\text{I. Low density Polyethylene} & \text{P. Ziegler-Natta catalyst} \\ 
&\text{II. High density Polyethylene} & \text{Q. Traces of Oxygen} \\ 
&\text{III. Polyetyhylene Terephthalate} & \text{R. Butlyl Lithium} \\ 
&\text{IV. Polyvinyl Chloride} & \text{S. Antimony}  \\ 
 \\  \end{array}$

  1. $I-Q,\:II-R,\:III-S,\:IV-P$
  2. $I-S,\:II-P,\:III-Q,\:IV-R$
  3. $I-Q,\:II-P,\:III-S,\:IV-R$
  4. $I-S,\:II-R,\:III-P,\:IV-Q$
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