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Match the technologies in Group-$1$ with the entries in Group-$2$:

&\text{$Group-1$} & \text{$Group-2$} \\ 
&\text{P. Urea manufacture} & \text{ I. Microencapsulation} \\ 
&\text{ Q. Coal gasification} & \text{II. Ultra-low sulphur diesel} \\ 
&\text{R. Controlled release of chemicals} & \text{III. Shale oil}  \\   
 &\text{S. Deep hydrodesulphurization} & \text{IV. Prilling tower} \\ & &\text{V. Gas hydrates} \\& &\text {VI. Gas-solid non-catalyst reaction} \\  \end{array}$

  1. $P-I,\:Q-V,\:R-II,\:S-VI$
  2. $P-IV,\:Q-VI,\:R-I,\:S-II$
  3. $P-IV,\:Q-I\:R-III,\:S-II$
  4. $P-V,\:Q-VI,\:R-IV,\:S-II$
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