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A binary mixture of components $(1)$ and $(2)$ forms an azeotrope at $130^{\circ}C$ and $X_{1}=0.3$. The liquid phase non-ideality is described by In $\gamma _{1}=Ax{_{2}}^{2}$ and ln $\gamma _{2}=Ax{_{1}}^{2}$, where $\gamma _{1}$, $\gamma _{2}$ are the activity coefficients, and $x_{1}, x_{2}$ are the liquid phase mole fractions. For both components, the fugacity coefficients are $0.9$ at the azeotropic composition. Saturated vapor pressures at $130^{\circ}C$ are $P{_{1}}^{sat}=70$ bar and $P{_{2}}^{sat}=30$ bar.

The total pressure in bars for the above azeotropic system (up to two decimal places) is _______.
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