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Carbon monoxide $(CO)$ is burnt in pressure of $200\%$ excess pure oxygen and the flame temperature achieved is $2298\:K$. The inlet streams are at $25^{\circ}$. The standard heat of formation (at $25^{\circ}C$) of $CO$ and $CO_{2}$ are $-110\:kJ\:mol^{-1}$ and $-390\:kJ\:mol^{-1}$ , respectively. The heat capacites (in $J$ mol$^{-1}$ $K^{-1}$) of the components are

$$C_{po_{2}}=25+14\times 10^{-3}T$$

$$C_{pco_{2}}=25+42\times 10^{-3}T$$

where, $T$ is the temperature in $K$. The heat loss (in $kJ$) per mole of $CO$ burnt Is _________________
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