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Liquid phase isomerization of $o$-xylene to $p$-xylene using a zeolite catalyst was carried out in a $CSTR$ three sets of kinetic data at different temperatures and stirring speeds were obtained as shown below.

&\text{} & \text{} & \text{} \\ \hline &\text{temperature ($K$)} & \text{500} & \text{500} & \text{500} & \text{600} & \text{600} & \text{600} & \text{700} & \text{700} & \text{700} \\ \hline &\text{stirring speed ($rpm$)} & \text{1000} & \text{2000} & \text{3000} & \text{1000} & \text{2000} & \text{3000} & \text{1000} & \text{2000} &  \text{3000} \\ \hline
&\text{reaction rate (mol L$^{-1}$ s$^{-1}$)} & \text{0.020} & \text{0.025} & \text{0.025} & \text{0.037} & \text{0.047} & \text{0.047} & \text{0.069} & \text{0.078} & \text{0.086}  \\ \hline \end{array}$

The operating condition at which the reaction rate is not controlled by external mass transfer resistance is 

  1. $T=500\:K$; rpm=$3000$
  2. $T=600\:K$; rpm=$1000$
  3. $T=700\:K$; rpm=$1000$
  4. $T=700\:K$; rpm=$2000$
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