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The vapor liquid equilibrium relation for an ideal binary system is given by 

                                                      y*${_A}$ = $\frac{\alpha{_A}{_B}x{_A}}{1 + ({\alpha}{_A}{_B} – 1)x{_A}}$

Here x${_A}$ and y*${_A}$ are the mole fractions of species A in the liquid and vapor, respectively. The relative volatility (${\alpha}{_A}{_B}$) is greater than unity.

A liquid having the composition found in the first part of the linked answer question, is flash distilled at a steady to a final liquid mole fraction of 0.25. If $\alpha{_A}{_B}$ is 2.5, the fraction of the feed vaporized is

  1. 0.08
  2. 0.20
  3. 0.67
  4. 0.74
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