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A control system on the jacket side of a reactor is shown in the figure. Pressurized water flows through the jacket to cool the reactor. The heated water flashes in the boiler. The exothermic reaction heat thus generates steam. Fresh boiler feed water $\text{(BFW)}$ is added to make-up for the loss ot water as steam. Assume that all control valves are air-to-open. The controller action, ‘direct' or 'reverse’, is defined with respect to the controller. Select the option that correctly specifies the action of the controllers.

  1. $\text{PC}$ : Reverse, $\text{LC}$ : Direct, $\text{TC}$ : Reverse
  2. $\text{PC}$ : Direct, $\text{LC}$ : Reverse, $\text{TC}$ : Direct
  3. $\text{PC}$ : Direct, $\text{LC}$ : Reverse, $\text{TC}$ : Reverse
  4. $\text{PC}$ : Reverse, $\text{LC}$ : Direct, $\text{TC}$ : Direct
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