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Wall for Arjun

Arjun sir a bit of publicity for u
not that u need it anyway :)
Mar 15, 2015 by Tamojit Chatterjee
Congrats Tamojit. That's the best it can get. Shows the result of your effort :)
Mar 13, 2015 by Arjun
Thanx for all the help sir.
Got AIR-05 and score-1000.
Mar 13, 2015 by Tamojit Chatterjee
You are welcome :)
Mar 12, 2015 by Arjun
Thanks Arjun,
This for all help you done for us.
I myself will help in the forum afterwards.
Keep up the good work.
Mar 12, 2015 by Sahil Gupta
Oh.. okay.. You should get MS call from IIT-M. Otherwise I suggest for IIITH.
Mar 11, 2015 by Arjun
Hi Arjun,
Something terribly goes wrong and I results are way beyond imagination Bad.
I got score of 639 and rank 1200.
Please do help in letting me know what I can aspect from this.
Do there any chance of MS or Please let me know the best possibilities I can get. I want to pursue Phd afterwords....
Mar 11, 2015 by Sahil Gupta
Hi Arjun,
I got my Question and my marked answer file from my Portal of GATE website.
I am unable to find the answer keys for 7th feb after noon session.
Can you point some link from where I can compare my answers or if I send my file(PDF) to you and you can get evaluated it from somewhere else.

Please help in this regard.
Feb 13, 2015 by Sahil Gupta
Hi Arjun,
I have given GATE 2015 CS paper in afternoon session(2:00 to 5:00) on 7th.

1. Paper went well but still is there any way i can evaluate my result(if possible to some precision).?

2. I am looking for Phd at the end. So, hows the MS from IITs looks like? or Integrated Phd rather than Mtech.

I have the following publication in my B.E.:
A. Trust-based Security Protocol against blackhole attacks in opportunistic networks.

B.Routing Protocols in Infrastructure-Based Opportunistic Networks

3. Which Colleges other than IITs offer the same?
Due to some family constraints Going Abroad for MS is not possible. Rest all options can be explored within the country.

4. I have nearly 1 year of Job experience as Software Developer in e-commerce company Shopclues. Does this count?(
Feb 8, 2015 by Sahil Gupta
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